Women Powerhouses Come Together with Their Feminine Energy to Create Change

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In these first two exciting episodes, we start to tap into the benefits and power of aligning your feminine energy and learning to embrace your identity and move to higher consciousness. Today, I introduce; Kendra Davies, Ondi Laure, Kathi Tait, Bella Lane – four amazing authors of the book and divine women who have gone wild and are making positive impacts on those around the world. They will share what feminine living and ‘Women Gone Wild’ means to them and their advice to their younger self! It’s time for the divine feminine to rise up because someone is waiting to hear your story and needs to know they are not alone. If you resonate with this, or you’re reading the book, use hashtags #WomenGonewild #WomenGoneWildBook and let us know you stand by women gone wild! Thank you so much for watching and following along as we embark on this series and journey of meeting and learning from extraordinary women, and don’t forget to, BE UNSTOPPABLE!

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