What’s Your Why? Ignite Your Story! with Paula Brown of Chilightful

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What’s the “why” behind what you do in business? How do you share it with others? How does it empower you and keep you going? Tune it for a thought-provoking discussion on life purpose and mission. Paula is a Heartist; a graphic facilitator and purpose coach who draws out, literally and figuratively, the WHAT heart story for authentic leaders, empowering them to put the true-North heartbeat back into their lives and business. Her heart questing was born when my heart stopped beating. The many unique life stories and after-death experience lit her purpose quest skills, life path, abilities to see and sort the extraordinary from the ordinary. Emerging from Brand Creative Director for international clients, she has always married both intuition and strategic process for influencers to discover, and communicate their “what”. Her Sketch Questing and purpose coaching takes clients into focused clarity, and out of the frustration of knowing their vision and not being able to communicate it.

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