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We get a coach for nutrition…a coach for our body…a coach for business…career development…financial advisors for wealth creation…we may get coached on how to organise our home…how to declutter & live with less…how to learn something new…we get coached & trained when we take up a new sport…a new hobby…we may get coached on how to help our child sleep better…to self soothe & so much more…
What about how to PARENT BETTER?
What about learning how to deal with our own emotions better…how to stop yelling & reacting & start responding to our child…how to deal with resistance…how to hold boundaries…how to move through challenges…how to connect to our child deeply…how to embody a growth mindset…how to be emotionally intelligent. How to BE more mindful…present…how to surrender & accept the AS IS. How to let go of the illusion of control. How to embody more conscious living & how to spot patterns & deconstruct them to empower yourself & your life. And how to live with more compassion & self love.
What about how we can stop passing down unconscious generational patterns…we swore to ourselves we would NEVER do…BUT because they are unconscious they are automatic & fly under the radar…
What about how we can REPARENT ourselves…How we can parent the child WITHIN us so we can parent the child BEFORE us…
What about understanding why we do what we do & why change is SO HARD…why we struggle to change & shift when we desire to but our efforts fall by the wayside. BUT WHY?
What about freeing ourselves from the triggers…dissolving them & their charge so they are no longer running the show.
What about learning to suffer less & feel more freedom in our life?
What about setting ourselves free so we can set our child free?
What about a PARENT COACH?
Isn’t parenting the MOST IMPORTANT job on the planet? Supporting the future generation. Teaching them the critical skills to deal with adversity…move through their emotions…instead of reacting & raging.
Teaching them to flow with life & see life as their greatest teacher.
Well…all of this begins with the PARENT…YOU.
Taking the courageous step up to say YES to YOU…to bettering YOU and your relationship with YOU.
Turning the paradigm upside down & creating from a new realm…where your child is your greatest teacher.
Realising that the time to act is NOW…
For there is no greater legacy than the precious one/s we will leave behind.
One day. X
If you feel called to take ACTION please reach out & secure you’re spot for a free chat with me about Conscious Parenting. Book in NOW. https://ninacruzconsciouscoaching.as.me/
There is no greater calling.
Nina X

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