Day 22: Webinar Preparation

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Day 22: Webinar Preparation

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Week 3 Of the 21 Day Plan: OFFER

Week 3 is the lead up to the LIVE event or webinar you will be hosting at the end of the week. This week you will give out your registration links, whether its a funnel link, a zoom webinar registration link or you may be making your first offer in your group.

Runway To The Money: Have you decided how you will deliver your offer?
Will it be via LIVE ZOOM. Webinar Funnel, Or A LIVE in group?
* I am seeing some of my highest conversions making my offer LIVE directly through ZOOM onto my page over anything else right now.
* They are used to you going live on your page…so why not make the offer there to start?  We can re-target and get more people on board with follow ups.

  • Registration For Your Webinar-  Give Out Registration Links
  • Seed What The Content In Webinar Will Cover- Get Them Excited To Register
  • Set Up Your Offer & Presentation
  • If You Are Using Paid Marketing Send Budget To Each Video Each Day To Get Registrations
Calculate Your Sales & Conversions

Unstoppable Webinar Launch Goals

Calculate Your Launch Goals
  • 1. Your Total Sales Goal: ($)

    Submit Your Sales Goal (Note: NO Dollar Signs or Commas!)


  • 2. Your Offer Price: ($)

    Submit the price of your offer below


  • 3. Your Webinar Conversion Rate

    Submit the Conversion Rate (Attendees/Sales) DEFAULT: 10%


  • Total Units Needed:

    The following is the number of sales needed to hit your sales goal:

    120 Units
  • Total Sales Needed ON Webinar:

    The following is the total number of sales/transactioned needed DURING your webinar from attendees.

    60 Units
  • Total Attendees Needed:

    The following is the total estimated number of attendees needed:

    300 Attendees
  • Total Registrants Needed:

    The following is the total estimated number of Registrants needed:

    1,000 Registrants
  • Total Estimated FB Ad Spent:

    The following is the total estimated spend on FB Ads required to attract registrants.

    $ 2,500
  • Estimated Earnings Per Lead:

    The following is the estimated Earnings Per Lead (EPL) based on these numbers

    $ 120 E.P.L.


Webinar Funnel Checklist



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Webinar Funnel Checklist

Choose A Headline That Is Catchy

& What They Want

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