Day 15-21: Week 2: Organic Traffic

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Day 15-21: Week 2: Organic Traffic

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Week 2 of the 21 Day Plan

Week 2 is similar to week 1 with being consistent with your content delivery and structure.  This week  you are more aware, and start to track the action you are getting and from lives. (attendee’s, likes, reach, engagement and views)

This week you will start Syndicating ( organic)  or  Boosting  your content to the right audiences when you create FB TArgeted Audiences using insights if you are ready to get more advanced and track whats happening.
Beginner & Advanced: SYNDICATION:  If you are not going to use the paid strategy, stay focused on delivering your content and syndicating it throughout all your social channels.
Advanced: Paid instruction is in next Lesson.
  • Giving A Lead Magnet This Week in your lives 
  •  Inviting inside your FB group 
  • Tracking Our Lives From Week 1 Using Spreadsheet  (likes, reach, engagement)

Syndication Content Using The Wheel

Organic Syndication for New & ADVANCED:

Definition of Syndication: Broadcasting a piece of content multiple times through other channels.  Content Multiplying using one piece of content.

Once you get the hang of consistently producing content and lives, you can start to SYNDICATE using the Marketing Wheel  to other channels using just 1 piece. ( For this example your LIVE Video can be broadcast and used on many different channels.
This is how valuable your 21 day plan of content will become to you. Once you upload them to you tube you can bring them back to your ONE LINK that has your webinar replay or any of your offers.

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