Day 8-14: Week 1 of 21 Day Plan

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Day 8-14: Week 1 of 21 Day Plan

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Week 1: The 21 Day Plan

Understanding The Awareness Scale

When you consciously understand where your followers or customers are on the awareness scale you are able to create content that speaks to their pain points directly and at the level they can understand.

For instance:  If your product or program you are selling solves a problem for your client, but they do not quit yet know they have a problem its going to be hard for them to say YES I need to buy this.
This is why we create the 21 day plan, and content that can reveal to your audience they have a problem and you are the SOLUTION!
Move them up the awareness scale/
Using The Awareness Scale To Create Content


Download Awareness Scale (Download Now)

Follow Week 1: VALUE

Time To Execute The Plan
  • Tracking Your Progress:  Download Tracking Spreadsheet Here
  • Watch Tracking Instruction Video Below & Start Tracking Each Day
  • Start Your 21 Day LIVE Schedule: Pick a Name & Date for LIVE Launch
  • Shoot Your First LIVE on Your Personal or Business Page Now
  •  REMEMBER:  No links, play and have fun with it and build your group if you have one set up and follow the STRUCTURE
  • Download the 21 day plan...if you need to to below.

Tracking Spreadsheet Instructions

Access Tracking Spreadsheet

Donwload This Into Your Own Google Docs.

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