Tune Out & Tune In To The Vibrations Of These Millennial Powerhouses

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Welcome back to the Rhonda Swan Show! In today’s episode, we meet Two very special women with similar journeys, but they’ve taken their own path to find their wildness. These women live their souls’ purpose while showing other women how to do it. Meet Ania Halama, Ceo of Ania Halama LLC ( REBEL Entrepreneur ) and Spiritual Business Mentor. She’s a world traveler who is a millennial manifesto who is here to tell us her wild truth and story of mastering positivity. And I also had the treat of interviewing the lovely Erin Mortenson, Founder of the OSP Training Academy. She is here to show others that no matter what they are going through, they can come out the other side and see the joy of life. Today we hear her story! Thank you, ladies, for being part of the show & sharing your amazingness with the world!

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