The Secret to Success in Business = 100 Men?! with Katrina Sawa

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Can you imagine dating 100 men in a year?! You’ve got to hear how your love life affects your business success. The author of Love Yourself Successful joins us for this episode! Katrina loves helping entrepreneurs start up their business the right way from the start so as to not waste time or money and she also loves helping them make a lot MORE money once they get going. She’s very passionate about people not settling in jobs they hate or with people who aren’t supportive also. Therefore she speaks a little too about how to get more love in your life in addition to money in your business. Together they go hand in hand to create your happiest life ever. She is a speaker, coach, author of two books, Love Yourself Successful and Jumpstart Your New Business Now! She runs live events in Sacramento 3-4 times a year and more.

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