The Secret to Living is Giving

Show Some Love

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Share the Wild

In today’s Vlog I chat about how I was blown away by the support I received from people I had only just met…on our recent camping trip with Bluegum Bushcraft. The people & experience touched me deeply. This is how we need to be living…for when we give we receive.
So if you are feeling isolated…alone…unsupported…help is at hand. Reach out…
We all crave to be seen…to be heard…to be known…to be understood…you are not alone in this…nor do you need to do it all alone! Connection is a basic human need…so get connected to YOU & those around YOU. You will then see & feel the invisible thread that joins us all in this colourful tapestry called life.
We are ONE…so let’s do life in a way that includes us all. Reach out today & touch someone else’s life…it will not only benefit them…but it will enrich your life in wonderful ways too! Be the seed of change…& let the magic ripple out from YOUR soul to another. X

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