The Episode that Puts You to Sleep with Camille Nisich

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Burning the candle from both ends costs the US economy $63 billion a year in lost productivity. The World Health Organization has stated that 1 in 2 adults in developed nations are sleep deficient, doubling their risk of heart attack and quadrupling their risk of stroke. Camille is passionate about sleep and wants to single-handedly dismantle the Sleep Less, Work More movement. As a Certified Sleep Coach, tech-industry veteran, wife and mother, Camille has seen it all when it comes to sleep. Camille works with entrepreneurs and executives to rewire their sleep habits, so they can reclaim their competitive edge, accelerate business results and be around to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Prematurely losing loved ones and colleagues to stress-related illnesses, exacerbated by poor sleep, made Camille realize she had to share her knowledge on a larger scale. Her Sleep to Succeed message will show your audience or team members how to protect their health and the bottom line. Find out more at https://www.camillenisich.com

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