The End of Mommy Guilt with Atara Malach (Episode #80)

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Atara’s passion is connecting with working mothers and guiding them along the many different stages of their work/life journey. She established her private practice in 1987 and have dedicated these past 30 years of her life to helping tens of thousands of people across the globe achieve their professional and personal goals. She also founded a parenting academy at the beginning of her professional career and created a life-changing parenting program called Working Mother’s GPS. Tens of thousands of working moms have been transformed over the decades, enhancing their parental skills and strengthening their important relationships. Atara has also developed an exclusive premier, individual VIP coaching program for discerning clients; particularly career-minded mothers, executives, and business owners. This VIP coaching is focused on clients who choose to invest more deeply to achieve incredible success in their businesses and their personal lives. Find out more at www.ataramalach.com

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