The ComeBACK Formula: How to Transform Crisis into Possibility with Sandra Younger

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Sandra Younger survived California’s biggest wildfire. Her best-selling book about the disaster, “The Fire Outside My Window,” has been acclaimed as required reading for residents of wildfire country, adopted as a training text by top-level emergency professionals, and praised by reviewers as a “couldn’t put it down” page-turner. Combining her own recovery experience with leading academic research, Sandra developed The ComeBACK Formula™—a five-step system of powerful, common-sense resilience practices proven to transform crisis into possibility and even loss into legacy. Now, as the founder of ComeBACK Solutions Intl., Sandra shares her resilience-boosting message as an international speaker, workshop leader and media guest. She’s appeared on ABC, CBS, PBS, CBC, Fox and the CW and was featured in the 2017 NBC Dateline special, “Inferno.”

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