Ep 5 of The Sage Surfer – Who Art Thou? You F@$*ing Weirdo

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This is a very special bonus episode of The Wealth Witch Podcast. Leah is super excited to be sharing with you her husband, Sean Barnett’s new podcast, The Sage Surfer -Musings from the Lineup. After a couple of years of trying to convince him to tell his story, he’s finally doing it! Leah is sure that this episode of The Sage Surfer will resonate with you all. Episode 5 is all about your weirdness. Sean will be talking to you about how you’re too much, and your weirdness is your superpower. He is an incredible storyteller. He has had a life that not many people have had. His experiences have been, you know, devastating and heartbreaking and difficult and tremendous and joyful and beautiful.