Shifting the Educational System to Success with Jen Molitor, Renegade Teacher

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Jen Molitor is a Renegade Teacher, on a mission to get people fired up about improving our education system and lifting up educators so they can help our children reach heights once thought impossible. She believes we can change the face of education through storytelling, rich discussions, taking advantage of teachable moments, and cultivating meaningful relationships. Education should be student-centered, not test-centered. Jen is a Master Teacher, certified Extraordinary Coach and transformational speaker. She works part-time as a gifted intervention specialist and instructional coach at a local elementary school. The other part-time is spent being a mom, wife, animal lover, sunshine seeker, speaker, and coach. She loves empowering others to take action, to be more gentle with themselves, to harness the power of mindset, and to dissolve the defensive barriers that can hinder progress.

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