She Left a 6-Figure Job To Start a 7-Figure Company

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Rhonda Swan, her husband Brian, and daughter Hanalei are known as โ€œThe Unstoppable Family.โ€ When Rhonda and Brian met on the beach in San Diego, both were living a successful corporate life. The birth of their daughter inspired them to pursue their true calling: travel, family, and personal and financial freedom. After graduating with an MBA, Rhonda Swan managed ad campaigns for a major pharmaceutical company. She left a 6-figure corporate job when she realized that its demanding culture would have negative long-term effects on her family. Since then, she founded a 7-figure marketing agency and travels the world with her husband and daughter โ€“ hosting podcasts, writing books, and sharing their story with over 1 million followers online. She joins Ask Dr. Drew to discuss the transition from corporate life to entrepreneurship, a tumultuous childhood affected by her father’s drug addiction, and how she overcame painful struggles on her way to success. Learn more about Rhonda Swan and her family at https://UnstoppableFamily.com

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