Secrets to Reprogramming Your Money Beliefs with Ellen Shapiro (Episode #95)

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Ellen Anne Shapiro is a Prosperity Catalyst – she’s on a mission to help talented women who are working way too hard for not enough money to take their business to the next level. She’s so done with watching how women undermine and undervalue themselves, or hesitate to charge what their work is really worth. Ellen is an MBA/CPA and multi-certified energy healer, Confidence and Empowerment Coach, Authorized Tapping into Wealth Coach, and teacher of the Art of Feminine Presence. She encourages women to stretch beyond their limits, and open the door to income and fulfillment far beyond what they can currently imagine. She lovingly guides her clients in clearing memories, habitual patterns of though and behavior, so they can move into inspired action and a creative flow state. For her business building clients, Ellen offers a highly individualized process, since their business is so closely interwoven with who they are and their desired lifestyle. She encourages clients to listen to themselves and their inner knowing, not allowing expert advice to override their instincts. Along the way she teaches them to believe in themselves more, to develop the confidence, focus and decisiveness they need to succeed. She understands the challenges of self-employment and coaches clients on how to stay motivated over time, while also enjoying a balanced and fulfilling life.

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