Secret Social Organic Retargeting Method for Sales

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Wednesday nights we host “Wild Women Wednesday” where we offer support and strategies for the women among us who are building empires (aka businesses).

This week, we’ve got special guest expert Molly Mahoney sharing her secret “Organic Retargeting” method that lets you take control of the FB algorithm.

Because let’s face it… the Facebook algorithm can be totally bananas!

And Facebook Ads are awesome… But they are tricky to learn, can get costly, and it is super annoying that you can’t retarget people on your personal page.

Building relationships on Facebook is awesome… But it gets hard to keep track and follow up.

Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if there were a way to build a CRM inside Facebook?

To be able to retarget those you’ve connected with on your personal page so you can better support those who need you with your products and services!!?? Guess what?

You can.

It’s called ORGANIC RETARGETING, and it’s the most mind blowing thing to happen to Facebook since Live Video.

Molly’s taken little known tools hidden within Facebook and turned them into a full powerful system that allows you to build genuine relationships, follow up, and make sales.

She calls that system Organic Retargeting and she’ll walk us through it!

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