S4 E13 – Karen Whelan – Finding Yourself Through Dark Night Of The Soul & Living Your Soul’s Mission

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In this Episode, Karen Whelan talks about Finding Yourself and Living Your Soul’s Mission.

Karen is a Founder & Creator of Solution Therapy offering transformative services to Companies, individuals, groups, couples, and teenagers. She is an accredited Psychotherapist, Author of 2 memoirs, Tantric Teacher, Energy Rising Star Healer, Workshop Facilitator, Speaker, NLP Coach, Retreat Leader & Transformational therapist.

Her work has brought to sit with world’s experts such as Dr. Joe Dizpenzia, Gabor Mate training in Living Inquiries & the incredible spiritual Teacher – Humanitarian & Wellness Expert- Derek O’Neil.

It was so inspiring to have her on The Rhonda Swan Show. Go check her out: https://www.instagram.com/the.souluti…

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