S2E7: Activating Soul Tethers to Call In Purpose-Aligned Clients

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In this episode, Leah interviews Allyson Scammell, a master intuitive business coach, psychic medium, and energy healer. The two discuss finding your soul client avatar to unlock massive soul-aligned success. Their conversation touches on topics that are so important in the world today.Human consciousness is ascending, but not everyone’s going to choose it. Now is the time to start focusing on opening up another soul-aligned stream of income so that money can flow to you. Allyson’s mission is to help soul-guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs get sold out with soul clients by amplifying their spiritual gifts, activating their big soul mission, and releasing the energy blocks tethering them down. Across the world, Allyson has helped thousands of leaders and lightworkers to earn more, serve more, and grow spiritually along the way using the Soul Prosperity Pathway – a proven 5-part framework to help soul-guided entrepreneurs create soul client alchemy. Allyson is the founder of the Soul Guide Academy and well versed in the complexity of discovering one’s soul mission. Using her genuinely unique perspective of the world, she shares priceless wisdom and insight regularly on Soul Guide Radio, a podcast for soul-guided influencers ready to unlock massive soul-aligned success. Where to find Allyson: Website: www.allysonscammell.com Energy Upgrade Meditation: https://allysonscammell.ac-page.com/meditation Closed Facebook Group, The Soul Guide Circle: https://www.facebook.com/groups/soulguidecircle