S2E18 – The New Feminine Leadership with Sigrid Tasies

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In this episode, Leah interviews Sigrid Tasies, who supports mission-driven entrepreneurs, coaches, and leaders to bring more depth to their legacy, and LIVE and LEAD with true embodiment, depth, authenticity, freedom, and pleasure. Their conversation about feminine and masculine energy turns to the unexpected – syncing your cycle to your business, which both Leah and Sigrid practice. Women are often hesitant to run their business with more masculine traits, but they want you to know that it doesn’t mean you are manly or lack femininity. Business is about being a leader and remembering that leaders always go first!

Sigrid Tasies is an Embodiment and Leadership Master Coach, Speaker, Author of the book “Intimacy Within”, Host of the top rated Podcast “Sacred Leaders”, Humanitarian and Modern Medicine Woman.

Through her private and group coaching programs, ceremonial retreats and live experiences, Sigrid is known for creating “Initiation Containers” where she bridges ancient wisdom and modern leadership, to support her clients and students to become the embodiment of their mission, live fuller lives and amplify their impact from the inside out.

Sigrid merges a wide variety of coaching and healing tools and modalities and is known for her DEEP, non-bs yet deeply compassionate approach. Her work has impacted thousands of people and has been shared across hundreds of platforms around the world.

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