Day 2: Live Video & Resources

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Day 2: Live Video & Resources

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Streaming Live for the first time can seem like a nightmare…but don’t worry you’ll be fine! Most people are more in awe and inspired by you going live than they are judging you! And remember, if you want to make an impact going live is the #1 way to get organic reach and engagement.

The systems now make it really easy to set up to.

  1. LIVE from computer
  2. LIVE from phone
  3. LIVE from ZOOM

Have a clean, and attractive background with NO light behind you. Light behind you will make your face dark, and a dark face makes for a BAD video…and your followers will move on FAST.

Be sure your camera is on a tri-pod if you are creating a product.


Steps For Streaming LIVE on your computer

Only problem you will run into is if you want to show slides or share your screen, you cannot STEAM LIVE on FB so well and do this.

If you want to have guests and share your screen, its recommended you use ZOOM and stream from ZOOM directly to your FB page.


Step 1

Step 2

Steps For Streaming LIVE on ZOOM

If you don’t have ZOOM Join here, its FREE if you have calls under 1 hour.

To stream LIVE from zoom onto Facebook you’ll need the pro account. But it’s really effective using ZOOM for product filming, screen sharing podcast interviews that you can for youtube later.


How to stream on FB using ZOOM

How to stream on FB using Premier



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