Day 2.5 – 3: Understanding Lead Magnet

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Day 2.5 – 3: Understanding Lead Magnet

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Day 2.5

Day 2.5 you want to focus on that list you started in 1 day of WHO YOU KNOW that can benefit from your product, or service that you are going to be releasing in 30 days or would be willing to share what your doing and become an affiliate or a JV partner.

Affiliate:  Someone that refers your product, course or webinar and takes a % of the sale if they buy from you.  For instance:  You can set up your webinar or ( how you’re going to make your offer in 30 days)  as an affiliate program and give someone a link to share, they will earn money from your webinar if their referrals buy.
This is a great way to make more sales  and build a bigger audience, by using someone else’s list of rolodex without doing the marketing.
JV Partner or Joint Venture Partner:  This is someone that has a list or runs a podcast, or runs a LIVE show and wold like to host you on their show to sell your program or product to their audience. Typically they are the host and you are the guest. You present what you do, and if their guests buy, you pay them a %.
Typically the % is from 30%-50% depending on the product and the amt of touch you have with them after the sale.
I have provide you email templates and messenger template to use to reach out to these people on your list.
Day 3

My Day Structure

Work Structure
Understanding Lead Magnets

Lead magnet is a great way for you to give value to an audience that is giving you their time on your LIVES, it also keeps people coming back for more.

Below is the EXACT LEAD MAGNET and TRIP WIRE process I used to get my 2nd 2 COMMA CLUB AWARD.   (That’s 1 million USD through one funnel)
This funnel will take a bit more time to create but once you get your first launch in place, and “BUILD THE PLANE WHILE YOU FLY IT” you’ll be able to implement this funnel.  If you’re already a BAD ASS, then download my funnel into your account and GET ON IT!!!!!
What I want you to focus on is the LEAD MAGNET.  It’s a high perceived value giveaway.  Like an ebook, a cheatsheet, report, or event a strategy call.
What can you giveaway for week 2 of the Challenge?
We will go deeper in Week 2 of the 21 day plan

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