Day 2: 21 Day Plan Set Up

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Day 2: 21 Day Plan Set Up

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The Set Up

First – Read the chapter pages below or from the book download.

Next – This section is about setting up your processes and understanding the 21 day plan. Today you’re going to brainstorm the execution of the 21 Day plan content based on your expertise and offer you will be making at the end of the 21 days.

Start with brainstorming all the topics you can teach or create a result for your followers. Take only the top topics that most people are not talking about, go deep, provide so much value in these LIVES to create know, like and trust.

Finally: Take the time right now to brainstorm the topics then print out the 21 day plan content sheet below, and the LIVE structure.

  • 21 Days To Create A Habit – Create the pied piper effect with your audience
  • 63 To Create A Ritual – When you commit to minimum 3 cycles of the 21 day plan you will create a ritual for you, and your followers to continue on the path with you all the way through into buying your offer or your course.
  • Invisible Difference – The value you will provide throughout the 3 weeks that moves your followers to becoming a buyer and create know, like and trust.

21 Day Plan Outline (Download Now)

21 Day Plan Leading Up To Webinar

This video is going to give you a clearer understanding of what you will be creating with the 21 Day Plan launch into a webinar or offer.

In week 3 we will go through how to launch a webinar and follow up.


Runway To The Money (Download Now)

Facebook Live Template

This LIVE structure is vital if you want to maintain your audiences attention.

As a Rule: For this process lives should not be any longer than 12-15 minutes.  or you will lose your audiences attention and they will not continue along the journey with you through to the “BIG EVENT” (or moment you are making an offer.)
Broken up into 3 Sections:
1. Set Up – First 15 seconds
2. Payoff- 10-12 minutes
3. Open Loop- 1-3 minutes
This structure is vitally important to follow along with the timeframes. Print our the out the outline so you can write your notes each day and follow to a T!

Facebook LIVE Outline (Download Now)


Ok, get to planning it out and practice  going live in the group.
  • Computer LIVE stream:  Be sure your background is nice and without light
  •  Iphone Livestream: Always have your phone landscape not profile or you will have a bad looking live feed which is hard to follow and not marketable.
  • ​ Use a Front Face Light to illuminate your face. I recommend the DIVA LIGHT



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