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In this virtual two day experience, you will be presented with an opportunity to experience the Valtopia magical energy shifts, simply by participating IN the experience, live or replay.
Being in the presence of my powerhouse lightning bolt energy will LIGHT YOUR ASS UP and fire and connect and rewire your brain, body and BOLD energy! Not only will you feel an energetic shift, but the readings and messages coming through Val’s channel FOR you will assist you to KEEP this shift and transformation in your life AFTER the live experience.
Come join the livestream, or enjoy the replay, and feel and experience an energetic shift simply by watching and tuning into the frequencies transmitted.
(Videos will be posted on the membership site and available with email signup)
If you fully participate in the included exercises, answer the questions, follow through with both days of the experience, your result can be:
after this experience you feel so different you finally do the thing!!
  • An ACTIVATED and deep sense of ownership and PERMISSION FROM WITHIN ( in your area of focus and in general)
  • CLARITY in your mind, body AND spirit
  • Heightened awareness to support you
  • Deeper commitment and focus
  • Renewed energy, vitality and exuberance
  • Illuminated aura and ENERGY
  • YOU DOING THE THING you decided to give yourself permission to do
  • Tools to go forward and stay with it
If you’re ready to show up, watch these videos and DO the work of tuning into yourself with Val’s support, THIS GIFT IS FOR YOU.

Find and watch and listen the Permission to content!!

Tell me how it went email me valtopiastudios@gmail.com or info@valtopia.com or come sign up on Valtopia.com