Our Special Celebrity Guest Speaker From The Women Gone Wild Summit – Diana Wentworth

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Learn the best writing techniques and come home to your true self with the guidance of Diana Wentworth! It’s time I announce that Diana Wentworth (our outstanding forward of Women Gone Wild) has decided to help with the following Women Gone Wild Books/ Series, and our next authors will get to work with Diana directly! Diana Wentworth has extensive credentials as the author of seven award-winning books, including Chicken Soup for the Soul, which has sold nearly one million copies. In addition, Diana has been an international keynote speaker at women’s meetings and writers’ conferences. So it gives me absolute goosebumps of excitement to be working with her now on the WGW series! Diana will give you the best tools to narrate your story and why YOU are truly here on this planet. She is helping you take back your power so you can demand what you want. Remember – Your life & story is precious, are you ready to be part of this #wild movement and empower others with your words? Go to xxxxxxxx to register as one of the next authors in the Women Gone Wild Series! And don’t forget to be #unstoppable ! #womengonewild #womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen

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