My daughter and I (Part 2)

Show Some Love

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Share the Wild

I found this video with my daughter & I the other day that we did nearly 2 years ago…that I had never posted.
It is my daughter giving her advice to all the mama’s (and daddies too).
I thought it would be a great reminder for us parents…as we embark on a new year & a new chapter in our parenting adventure in 2020.
Sometimes we all need to be reminded to go back to basics & simplify.
Our children are our greatest teachers so this year hear the calling…see the lessons they are teaching/preaching & follow their lead a little. They may just know a little more about life than we think they do. X
❤️ bunny’s advice for the mamas is exercise.
Kira’s advice…
❤️ be kind…share love…be yourself…follow your heart & be who you are…do push ups…be helpful…give your child a cup of tea…give your child lots of love…& NO hurting…screaming…fighting (dad’s too)…BUT crying is OK. X

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