The Crux For Building Your Own Product

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The Crux For Building Your Own Product

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Membership Site & Module – Organize Your Modules

This is the CRUX of your program, focus and take away all distractions. This is your power hour time to develop something you can be proud of. Think about your client or customer, what would they need when learning or growing in your niche.

Start this section once you have fully organized your content in the previous lesson and labeled the topics.  It’s imperative you test your topics using the 21 day plan and Facebook Live Outline.

Starting to create content without knowing what your customers will want is a sure fire way to BOMB your product creation. TESTING is POWER.


  • Modules Should Be  Linear or Created In Progression – Simplest To Most Advanced Information, Training Or Instruction.
  • 5-8 Area’s You Can Transform or Solve A Problem For Your Customer- What Problems Did You Have When You Got Started In Your Industry That You Wish You Knew Now?  What ShortCuts Can You Offer?
  • Each Module Should Include A Video & Accompanying Material Like PDF, Audio, Image Or Infographic That Can Help Bring Your Content To Life For Them.
  • Learn Your 80/20 Rule- Know That 80% Of  Your Revenue Will Come From 20% Of Your Clients, So Focus On Them & How You Can Build Upon Each Lesson For Future Courses Or Ongoing Work Together.

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