Module 5: Creating Your Content – EBooks / Lead Magnet / Freebies

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Module 5: Creating Your Content – EBooks / Lead Magnet / Freebies

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What is a Lead Magnet?

LEAD MAGNETS:  are an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information. The goal of the Lead Magnet is to maximize the number of targeted leads you are getting for an offer. It’s the first step in my V. V. O. “Runway To The Money”  Strategy & Customer Optimization Funnel for list building and building your Facebook Groups.

We use custom e-books to showcase your knowledge and give your audience a taste of what you know and can teach them.  E-books can easily contain affiliate offers and links to your higher ticket programs.
We will go over more of this process when we create your funnels and launch strategies, but take a few moments to read why we use list builders and how profitable they can be.

Click On Cover To See Examples

Design, Layout & Link Outs

See my SEXY Product Launch Guide to the left: If you notice in the header I connect to my higher ticket program which leads them to a strategy session with me.

You can add a link to your facebook groups in the header or connect to your websites.

An E-book is a great way for you to share your value with your clients or potential customers and gives them a little glimpse of what you will be providing them in the future.

Another way to create the V.V.O “Runway to the Money Strategy”

VVO= Value Value Offer

Learn the S.E.X.Y. Formula

  • S. Strategize: Discover which Runway To The Money Strategy TM is right for you and your business – and what’s possible when you take one step at a time consistently.
  • E. Execute: Reverse engineer your launch plan to eliminate stress, ensure you complete all the necessary elements in the right order, and keep your momentum.
  • X. Ercise: Your Best Team aka Take care of yourself and get the support you need so your launch re-energizes you rather than drains you.
  • Y. Your: best launch Plan What to do, When and How to do it. You will find a detailed plan to choose your best Runway to the Money Strategy and the most effective
This guide was created to provide a simple step-by-step checklist for you to follow when launching your signature program. Complete with a 21-day launch strategy to ensure you have a successful launch.

Click On Cover To See Examples

Design, Layout & Link Outs

See Inge Hart’s E-Book to the left as an example. She connects to her Facebook Group in the Footer, and uses her ebook as a way to build her group.

Inside her group is where she will make her offer to her list to join her program using either a facebook live or a webinar as her form of delivery and offer.

Inge share’s her story, and provides a highlight of what she teaches in her program by giving enough..but not too much!


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