Module 3: Organic List Building – Don’t Freak Out – Niche Out

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Module 3: Organic List Building – Don’t Freak Out – Niche Out

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Understanding your niche market and the super hero marketing channels is vital to having a successful launch and program. Before you start creating your modules for your program it would be ideal for you to learn about your niche and what needs they have that you can solve.

  • Who is your ideal client or customer?   – Download workbook and outline below and nail down who your perfect client is. You need to know everything about them.
  • Research your competition – Best way to learn what people like and need is to ask, but also to look at what your competition is doing. This will give you a temperature check on what you should create and make it better.

Good artists copy, great artists steal and make it better.

-Pablo Picasso


  • Video Challenge – Write out 21 Topics of problems you can solve for your particular niche  – Begin a 21 day video challenge talking about each topic. This will help you determine the problems your perfect client has and know if you are on the right track. ( We will go deeper into a 21 Day plan in module 3.
  • What Are Your Super Hero Channels​- Choose which platforms you already know and can leverage. Facebook, Facebook Live, You Tube, Pinterest, Twitter ect.
  • Look In The Mirror – Introduce yourself to your perfect client

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