Medical Doctor Breaks Family Values To Follow His Passions

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Hi everyone! Introducing, this week’s guest on the Help Me Rhonda Show, Ryerson Anselmo! We have done several photoshoots with him and it always turned out amazing every time! He is one of the few photographers that really connects with his subject, makes them feel comfortable and then captures their essence. Discover how he started in Photography and what are the hurdles he has faced including going against his family in order to pursue his passion and building his own name in the industry of Photography. Be sure not to miss the show! Ryerson Anselmo Social Media and Website: www.ryersonanselmo.com https://www.instagram.com/ryersonanse… https://www.facebook.com/ryersonanselmo “A Complete Brand Solution” UBA is a multi-media, design & PR Agency dedicated to expert brand positioning for professionals & entrepreneurs. “We turn the best-kept secret into the worlds best-known expert” We Stream LIVE Every Wednesday at 9pm EST.

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