Lost in the Social Media Tsunami with Cynthia Trevino

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Stop getting lost in the social media tsunami and learn to stand out and get noticed! Women entrepreneurs who urgently want to learn how to speak their clients’ language, so they can grow their businesses, make more income, and have more impact, work with Cynthia. She is the creator of the Client Clarity to Cash Flow Signature Program and author of Amazon #1 bestseller, She Markets, A Guide for Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Simple Steps to Attract More Clients, Make More Money, and Have More Impact. Cynthia has helped companies big and small reach clients, fulfill visions, and make income goals for over 30 years. She speaks and leads workshops teaching women entrepreneurs a framework for attracting ideal clients. Cynthia finds the biggest client attraction mistakes fall into one of 3 categories. Trying to serve a giant target market. When you market to everyone, your message is lost in the social media tsunami. Instead, know your clients so well, you can speak their language. Talking about your products instead of your clients’ problems. Sadly, entrepreneurs often mistakenly discuss their products, programs, and services in marketing. Before prospects know, like, and trust you, they want to hear about their solutions, not your services. Marketing without a structure to attract your ideal clients. Entrepreneurs who take a haphazard approach to reaching their perfect clients are doomed to slow growth.

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