Let’s get CREATIVE!

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Today I explore ways to get creative with your parenting…& in your life.
In every moment we have a CHOICE as to how we will act…react or respond in that moment. How we choose (consciously or unconsciously)will impact how we feel & our experience of the moment & the effect (law of cause & effect) it has within us…around us & on others (our child/ren…our environment).
So let’s get curious…intimate & highly creative with the moment at hand so we can turn in into a masterpiece right NOW…from one moment to the next. Engaging with OUR moment in a whole new way to create a WHOLE new reality for ourselves & our family.
So…let’s turn our challenging moments on their head…upside down & morph them into a completely NEW experience & interaction for us & our child/ren.
Creativity & playfulness is contagious…& has the power to shift resistance…so be the CHANGE (move from resistance to exploration of the moment) & watch your child/ren follow YOUR lead (free of coercion…bribery…rewards
& threats). X

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