It’s a Healing, Feeling Sh*t Show with Rachel Kaplan (Episode #91)

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Rachel Kaplan, MA, MFT has been relentlessly studying healing since her life was devastated by the traumatic suicide of her first love at 14 years old. This life long personal pursuit lead her on an international mission to study the methodologies of the world; focusing on spiritual practices of Eastern religions and the cutting edge Western psychological approaches. She is a long time yoga practitioner and teacher, as well as a bold, seasoned psychotherapist. After 25 years of studying these technologies and successfully working with students and clients, Rachel simplified the single most important and necessary tenant of deep core psychological healing as the emotional equivalent to potty training. Rachel created a new podcast, the Healing Feeling Shit Show, (launched February 6, 2019) to potty train grown-ups through the foundational and educational first season so they can achieve Emotional Resilience: the new happy. Rachel also has a thriving psychotherapy practice in the San Francisco Bay area. Beside catalyzing healing, she delights in music, dancing, design, fashion, and the band Radiohead! What is the Emotional Tone of Your Core Wound? Take the quiz: https://www.yourcorewound.com/

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