It took a lot to get my coloring book published. 🌟 #faith 🌟 #grit 🌟 #focus 🌟 #deter

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It took a lot to get my coloring book published. 🌟 #faith 🌟 #grit 🌟 #focus 🌟 #determination 🌟 #receiving 🌟 #beachtime 🌟 #selfcare (when it WASN’T convenient) 🌟 #investment (when it wasn’t necessarily encouraged) 🌟 #support (from my husband, when he didn’t absorb exactly what I was up to, from my family and from my soul family) My dream in publishing the book was a deep knowing about what would come my way beyond the book, which I’m well into now. But this little book is a treasure and a gift from the cosmos. I channeled the drawings for you and the energy imbued within is POWERFUL! This coloring book has 22 images that take you through cycles of expansion, the stages we go through as we push out of our comfort zone and step into the magic of our soul brilliance. This book is still available for sale as a hand signed copy on my website, Valtopia.com or do a search for Valtopia on amazon. Get yours today and color your way to yourself, to your own flow and abundance. And let me know how it goes and see your colored pages!! Love you.

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