How To Embrace Your Inner Magic featuring Nicole Crowley

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If you ever feel small or like you are living your life from your fears, insecurities, low self-worth, and scarcity then this is the channel for you. Our channel is about helping YOU reach YOUR potential. In this video, we talk about… Nicole Crowley is a mom of 2 little girls that are her world! She never let life slow her down even though it tried. She is passionate about raising the consciousness of the planet and empowering others to see the magic and power within themselves and embrace their self-healing and self-mastery journey. She was met with trials and tribulations since the start, especially after being hit by a drunk driver 16.5 years ago that put her in recovery for 3.5 years, her body wasn’t able to move forward but her mind and belief was! Nicole is a motivational speaker that focuses on empowering to embrace the magic within them and bring them to realizing their self-healing and self-mastery capabilities. In addition to her speaking engagements she helps others embody and embrace this through mindset work, law of attraction, EFT and quantum frequencies. Nicole also has a conscious jewelry line and wants to spread her message of SPARKLE to the world! Spread Positivity Abundance Respect Kindness Love Everywhere! She is very passionate about raising the collective consciousness and as such has co-created a couple different platforms to help people start their journey of spiritual awakening alongside her twin flame Amy Bingham another incredible author of this book! Nicole is passionate about bringing their health into their own hands because she had the choice taken away from her. She was hit by a drunk driver 17 years ago and sustained serious injuries and was in rehab for 3.5 years. She thought she was stuck in this place of darkness, pain and sadness forever until she discovered the law of attraction and even though her body was working against her her mind never gave up! She wants to make sure everyone awakens to the power within them so that if they ever fall into such a darkness they will recognize that they have always had the light within them and the creation power to bring themselves through! Nicole is getting certified as an Emotional Resonance Clearing (EMC) practitioner and can’t wait to help bring people into elemental balance. ERC encompasses the 5-element theory, naturopathic remedies, kinesiology and acupressure meridian clearing centers.

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