How can we help our children express their emotions

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& help them illicit exactly what they are feeling…to allow for emotions to be felt…& released. Helping our child/ren put a name…a voice to their feelings…as well as providing them a safe space to do so…so they feel ‘felt’ & heard is so powerful & will help them heal their own inner wounds…so they can let them go (as they have had an outlet of expression)…transforming them from the inside out! This tool/practise I speak about has allowed my children to really tap into their feelings & their innate wisdom. Without me trying to force or push out of them that which they struggle to understand & articulate. Plus most of the time we try to find out what is going on & what they are feeling (from an adult standpoint) we are met with resistance. Thus this can cause a spiralling of resistance…from them & then us…& halt or stop the natural unfolding…what you resist persists! The beauty of this practise is it really taps into their creativity & their inner world of curiosity. So get curious & be as imaginative as you can…ask why it has come…what it has to say…what message it brings…your child will love it & it opens up a new dialogue thus setting the stage for an open dialogue between you & your child later on in their teen years. We are purely the safe space…we are the container…helping them give a voice to their inner world & their body’s wisdom so they can set the emotions free!

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