HMRS Interviews 3 Exeptional Women: Jodi, Yamilca & Kathi

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Hi everyone! This week’s Help Me Rhonda Show episode is very special because I interviewed 3 powerful women that excels in what they do. We have Jodi Vetterl, Yamilca Rodriguez and Kathi Tait! Fresh from the recently conducted Mastermind in Bali, we have really valuable stories and methodologies that we want to share with you guys that’s really empowering. Be sure not to miss this jam packed interview! We Stream LIVE Every Wednesday at 9pm EST. #BeUnstoppable Jodi: www.JodiVetterl.com www.facebook.com/beyondthebanksJV www.instagram.com/beyondthebanksJV Yamilca: https://www.instagram.com/msyamilca/



Kathi: https://www.instagram.com/baldevolution/



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