Glow Up! Valtopia Style, Honay!

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It is time to GLOW UP Valtopia style honay!


DEEP EMBODIMENT you didn’t get in your other coaching programs!

If you have tried all the certifications, strategies and programs and are stumbling over the same patterns, it’s time to connect in with your Shamama Val!

You desire to double, triple even seven times your investment and come out the other side in deep trust, bliss and LOVE for yourself, your relationships, your business AND your clients.
Some of us desire intimate and focused support to truly shift deeply engrained subconscious patterns and THAT is my specialty.
If you’re a busy freepreneur on your way to your next level you do NOT want to miss booking in for YOUR Valtopia activation.
If you desire the ultimate streamline to your deepest dreams and magic and are ready to really journey through the WHOLE of you into balanced and centered integration and SHINE baby, you’re in the right place.