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S8 OUTA BANX is a hip hop, rnb, streetwear collection based on the rapper movement of the 1970s. A time where a music revolution was occurring underground in the Bronx of New York. A time where the youth were craving a way to voice their stories and let the world know their struggles. The collection has an influence in voicing the stories of youth from 2200, a western suburb of Sydney. It’s underlying messages speaks out about domestic violence, drug abuse, homelessness, racial profiling and racism. It hits close to home with each passing design. The fabrics are heavy on denim and print. The prints have lyrics of the designer’s rap album which will debut on the runway during fashion week. In regards to the pattern making, it is created in a way these clothes could almost substitute as a sleeping bag for the homeless youth. “It’s time the youth are heard.”

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