Get Ready for the Women Gone Wild Series on Season 3 of The Rhonda Swan Show!

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Over the next six months, I’m going to be interviewing women who have taken a stand and completely gone wild in life and business, showcasing how these divine feminine women are creating a new way of living in this shifting world. The Women Gone Wild Series & Book is a feminine guide to fearless living where women share their stories and what they stand for as fearless feminine leaders. Women Gone Wild is really about returning to our essence as women and finding the right balance of feminine and masculine energy that works for us. We are reclaiming our crowns and sharing how as we go! Today, I introduce four exceptional Authors in the book; Sandra O’Brien, Kathy Gibson, Hanalei Swan, and Yamilca Rodriguez. They will be sharing with us what feminine living and ‘Women Gone Wild’ means to them and the advice they would give to their younger self. I am beyond excited to share these stories with you and can’t wait for the book to launch at the end of next month on 8/17/21! If you are ready to take a stand and share your voice as a rising powerful woman – Here is your chance to share your story, your journey and to inspire other women to take their turn! Please spread the news! Let’s get our voices heard! Use hashtag #womengonewild and let your friends know about this beautiful project with remarkable women 🙌 THANK YOU! #womengonewild #WomenGoneWildBook

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