Four Incredible Authors Share Their True Message About Leading with The Heart

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Welcome back to The Rhonda Swan Show interview Series! In this exciting episode, I’m interviewing the other 4 of 22 exceptional Women Gone Wild Book authors, where these women of feminine energy share their true message about leading with the heart. The previous two interviews were super incredible, and you guys are blowing us away with all your wonderful feedback – Thank you! This week: Isabel Donadio, Jodi Vetterl, Leah Steele, and Lilith Moon will share a sneak peek into what their chapter is about, what feminine living and ‘Women Gone Wild’ means to them, their biggest mission, the past challenges that paved their way, and their best advice to their younger self! These women have done so much in their life, and now it’s time to share their gifts with the world! I am beyond excited to share these stories with you and can’t wait for the book to launch at the end of next month on 8/17/21! Here is your chance to share your story, journey and inspire other women to take their turn! Use hashtag #womengonewild and let your friends know about this beautiful project with remarkable women. THANK YOU! #womengonewild #WomenGoneWildBook

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