F. A. T. E. From Addict To Entrepreneur

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Ridiculously dedicated to inspiring Mother’s, Family’s, & Individuals to go after their dreams. Rhonda left her corporate JOB 11 years ago so she could raise her daughter and never put her in daycare. Today, she travels full time with her Unstoppable Family, and speaks on stages to inspire others to go after what they want out of life. Rhonda’s signature program is the Sexy Brand Building Formula – where she teaches others to transform their ideas into sexy profit making machines. Learn More: https://unstoppablebrandingagency.com/ Help Me Rhonda Show Topic: F. A. T. E. From Addict To Entrepreneur Guest: Michael G. Dash is an entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, strategic coach, and the former President and CEO of Parallel HR Solutions, Inc. He is currently in recovery for three different addictions. This journey to hope follows a six-year lawsuit that’s now settled and the sale of his company he spent eleven years building. Michael knows his struggles are not unique to executives and entrepreneurs around the world, and his current mission is to positively impact1 million people in the next 5 years who are dealing with compulsive and addictive behaviors. After years of struggle, he now gets to lead from empathy and become a much more-fulfilled person while realizing what truly matters in life. Get his book: Chasing The High – Bit.ly/getchasingthehigh Follow Michael Dash on FB: https://www.facebook.com/michaeldasho…

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