Episode 7: Money is the Root of All Evil and Other Lies

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In this installment of the Becoming Wealthy interview series, Leah interviews Spiral Practitioner and Ouroboros Alumnus Erikaa Briones. Erikaa is a former dominatrix turned emotional clearing practitioner that specializes in helping people clear emotional conditioning and programming around sexuality. Erikaa shares how her upbringing and emotional conditioning around money being evil created a bad girl complex for her and what she has done to deconstruct that programming. Leah breaks down the belief that ‘Money is the Root of All Evil’ and explains why money doesn’t care if you are a good or a bad person. Leah also discusses the importance of language in wealth consciousness work and how important it is to mind our mouth and the spells we cast upon ourselves with our words. Leah shares several phrases that should be completely STRICKEN from your vocabulary if you are going to be successful in repatterning your wealth programming.