Episode 5: Becoming Wealthy with Mallory Kiersten

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In the 1st interview in the Becoming Wealthy Series, Leah interviews her right-hand woman in her business, friend, and long-time client Mallory Kiersten. This episode focuses on feeling controlled by money and what it’s like to take your power back. Leah and Mallory discuss the benefits of Leah’s wealth repatterning program Ouroboros and how deconstructing financial slavery consciousness has impacted Mallory’s life. Mallory has not had an easy path to financial freedom. She has worked extremely hard over the past two years to reclaim her financial destiny. Her hard work has paid off and and she has experienced some HUGE wins over the past several months. She talks about what it took to get there and shares real life struggle and experience that will be relatable to so many of the listeners of this podcast. Mallory is a school teacher turned purpose driven and soul led entrepreneur who is an amazing example of how everyone can choose to opt out of the program and design the life they deeply desire.