Episode 34: Satan, Money & Unconditional Love with Dane Tomas

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In this episode, Leah interviews her close friend, mentor, and the person who took her through The Spiral, Dane Tomas. They talk about Satan, money, leading a business through love, and more. Hear about Leah’s journey through The Spiral and how it brought her to where she is now.

Get ready, this episode is going to make you want to explore all the realms of magick! Dane Tomas is the founder of the Spiral School of Awakening, the creator of Dark Wizard Media and the author of a series of books on subjects ranging from Tantra to conscious entrepreneurship. Dane has a natural knack for making money easily without working particularly hard to do it. Dane’s main interests are the evolution of human consciousness, spirituality, creativity, magick, finance and business, to listen to him explore these areas with a wide range of guests, check out the Dane Tomas Podcast on Spotify.

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