Episode 31: Fluidity and Standing in the Fire with Sigourney Weldon

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In this episode, Leah interviews her friend Sigourney Weldon. They talk about their journeys and about standing in the fire, even if it’s difficult as f**k – because if it was easy, everyone would be doing it, and they’re not. The new wealth timeline is upon us, and those who have put in the hard work during this time of chaos will see success. Tune into the insights of Sigourney and Leah about the pivotal future that is quickly approaching us.

Sigourney Belle is a Spiritual Teacher, International Bestselling Author and Leader of the New paradigm of consciousness. She is the Founder of two Global & Revolutionary bodies of work, WILDGRACE and THE DARK EMPIRE™.

WILDGRACE is a feminine mystery school, which runs trainings all over the world, teaching esoteric philosophy and blends ancient temple arts practises such as Tantra & Shamanism, in a unique formula for awakening.

THE DARK EMPIRE™ is the leading mystery school for business and teaches people how to anchor into the deepest essence of who they are and to channel their brand into the world seamlessly, to create impact and evolutionary change.

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