Ep 036: The Launch

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What is a Launch?

How do you launch your program & services successfully?

With a love for the launch and passion to support you, Blair and Theresa dive into the strategy around a launch, aka an opportunity for you to share excitement about your programs and services and sell them like hotcakes! Sharing the experience of having their first-ever multiple 5-figure launch together for Momentum, Blair + Theresa’s exclusive business strategy + mentorship program, they dive into the depths of launching online in this episode and drop some incredible wisdom that will help you launch your next program with the success you deserve.

Want to come and learn from us. Enrollment for our 6-month business strategy and mentorship program Momentum is open for cohort 2 starting January 2022. Find out more at https://www.theresalambertcoaching.com/momentum

Desire to dive deeper to learn the strategy, tools, tech, and execution of an online launch? Come join Theresa for her next full day Intensive Launched on September 24th https://www.theresalambertcoaching.com/Launched

Desire to learn from Blair how to take your social media to the next level? Learn how to join her upcoming Empowerment Program https://blairkaplan.ca/learn/

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