Ep 019: Pay Kindness Forward with Maria Berglund

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Paying it forward is Maria Berglund’s motto for living life. Having to have relied on community support at a young age, she has grown up with the desire to help others. She started InKind boxes to support Moms on their postpartum journey and at the same time give back to moms in need. Maria truly believes that just because you are in need, it does not mean that you are not deserving of good quality things.

For this week’s episode, we have a special ask, which is to support Maria and InKind boxes. Tune in to learn exactly what Maria does and how this Mother’s Day you can pass the kindness forward by purchasing a gift box for a new Mom to be to support her on her postpartum journey AND to give back at the same time! 200 gift boxes have been donated this year already. Let’s help them reach 600 donated boxes in 2021!!!


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