Elements of A Lead Magnet

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Elements of A Lead Magnet

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Funnel Walkthrough

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Week 2:

Is about giving more VALUE, inviting into your group and giving out a LEAD MAGNET.  Lead magnets can be anything of high perceived value.
Below I provide you with the layout of my “2 Comma Club” lead magnet/Trip Wire Funnel and provide you with the share links to add to your Click Funnels Account.
What Kind of Lead Magnets
  •  Ebook or Cheatsheet: Digital books are great & easy to deliver
  •  Live Call: Book a paid or a FREE session with you
  •  Value Video:  Teach Something they don’t know
Lead Magnet & Trip Wire Funnel
My Exact 2 Comma Club Funnel


Experience The Funnel LIVE (MY LEAD MAGNET FUNNEL)

Elements of Lead Magnet Funnel

  1. Opt In Page

Lead Magnet Welcome Email

2. Thank You Page

Thank you page , you either simply thank them for accepting your lead magnet and invite them to a FB group or community.

Or you create a Value video that teaches and gives a result.  The 2nd layer is to offer a trip wire offer like I do below that is a low priced add on to the lead magnet.



Page 3. OTO with Order Form Only if you have a OTO (one time offer)

OTO or Trip Wire Funnel: One Time Offer

An OTO is a product or service that you can offer after someone takes your lead magnet, its a special offer you can make to them that is an add on to what you just gave them for FREE.
Most OTO’s are betweek $7-$97 with the sweet spot being $47.
You add on a OTO or a trip wire is you are spending money on marketing to offset the budget, and to create a list of buyers so that you know who is liking what you’re offering and who is likely to buy your higher ticket offer.
Its always smart to provide a VALUE video on the Thank you page, before offering an OTO to ensure the trust is gained before making the OTO offer. Keep the Value video between 10-18 minutes long.
CTA:  Call To Action Button links to the order form
Page 4. Order Form
Only if you have OTO (one time offer)



Download Order Form Share Funnel Sales Page & Order Form


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