Do You Really Love What You Do? (Plus, How to Get Started Speaking) with Patty Farmer (Episode #56)

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Do you really LOVE what you do? Would you do it if money were no concern? Click play to find out how those questions led Patty to what she does today. And, how she almost accidentally got started speaking! Lots of smart lessons in this episode for speakers or those who want to be… Patty Farmer is a Marketing & Media Strategist, International Speaker, Podcast Host, Magazine Publisher, and Event Producer and works with small business owners, entrepreneurs & speakers to attract and convert their ideal clients 24/7 so they can make a bigger impact in the world, and bigger deposits in their bank account. She believes we all have a message and her mission is to help clients master, market and monetize that message in a way that creates transformation for both them and their clients while designing a lifestyle they want to live.

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